How Carnaby Street USA began

I have been wearing Beatle style boots since I was young (a long time ago). My father wouldn't allow me to wear them, but of course that didn't stop me. Many years later I was producing a record in London when I bought what I thought were pretty good boots in a shop. I walked into the session and the assistant engineer looked at me and dismissively said "hmmm, fake Beatle boots". He then pointed out everything that was incorrect about them. I was annoyed enough to track down the original maker Anello & Davide in Drury Lane and order a pair. They were about 500.00 1985 dollars. Crazy, but I was able to redeem myself with our assistant.

Many years later I stumbled onto a supplier called Beatwear in Liverpool who carried very exact reproductions of the original boots which were hand made in Italy to the exact specs of the originals. They were so good that over a few year period I bought four pair in different styles. I got suede and calf leather Cavern Boots, Zip boots and black suede Lennon boots. I was in heaven.

Through a strange turn of events and with me looking for a new project I was offered an opportunity to represent the company in the US. We worked out arrangements and I have started a shop in Nashville and a website and e-commerce site both called Carnaby Street USA. I am proud to carry these and other styles of very cool boots along with other sixties styled clothing and accessories.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Best,  Pat



PS,  I will add products in coming months so please let me know if you have suggestions.